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1. Truth serum.
2. Snitch revealer.
3. Emotion releaser.
Mickel'el drank half the bottle of Jagermeister then he almost killed his mama.
by Dahn April 14, 2008
A shirt that shows off a girls boobs.
I love your boob shirt, it makes your titties stick out like blaow!
by Dahn April 23, 2008
A nice car which often times has subsequently had all of it's emblems removed for sport.
Fella: That's a nice car. What is it, a Buick Rivera?
Suit Wearing Yup Yup: Ahem, you mean Buick Riviera right?
Fella: Riiight Riv I era...hehehheh
Suit Wearing Yup Yup: Hey come back here with my emblems!!!
by Dahn April 23, 2008
The benevolent and ever controversial god of Chaos designed to bring about confusion during times of injustice. Channeling Chicken McGreen will bring about much pain and isolation. in the end though, it is worth while because the primary mission of Chicken McGreen is to realign the planets and bring harmony to the Omniplex.
Dude 1: Dude you see that chick in the green over there?
Dude 2: Haha did you say Chicken McGreen?
Dude 1: Uhhh right yea...heh..heh...heh

And so it began.
by Dahn April 14, 2008
The act of removing automobile emblems from chosen victims car thereby defacing it and embarrassing the owner until he or she is able to replace the emblem(s).
Cop1: Do you see those kids embleming that Jaguar V12 over there?
Cop2: Yea, what about it?
Cop1: Don't you think we should do something?
Cop2: Naw the owners a douche bag.
Cop1: Oh OK... Hey pass the donuts.
by Dahn April 14, 2008
The mystical beast that lies dormant beneath the Sea Of Yeast. Can be resurrected by following the example below.
Jesse James: Dahn Turgenson was my idol until he softened up and got all bitched out by tricks, snitches and fake ass gangstas.
Chicken McGreen: Well, at least he can still be resurrected right?
Jesse James: Yep he can.
Chicken McGreen: How?
Jesse James: We must emblem as many late model Buick Riviera as possible.
Chicken McGreen: Then what?
Jess James: We must then take all the emblems and stick them to as many Ford Aspires as possible. It must all be be done under the full moon. Then The Dahn Turgenson shall rise the next morning.
by Dahn April 14, 2008
1: A sweet ass car that has really nice emblems as well. If you own a Buick Rivera without the emblems, we prolly did that shit to it G...daaamn.

2: A misspelled and mispronounced ghetto variation of Buick Riviera.
Emblemer 1: Dude! Check it out I got this sweet CHEYENNE emblem!!!
Emblemer 2: Niiice...But I'm scoping that dank ass Buick Rivera.
Emblemer 1: You mean Buick Riviera right?
Emblemer 2: Yea, exactly. I bet it's got some glossy emblems that we can remove and stick on some Ford Aspires with super glue!!!
by Dahn April 23, 2008

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