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The mystical beast that lies dormant beneath the Sea Of Yeast. Can be resurrected by following the example below.
Jesse James: Dahn Turgenson was my idol until he softened up and got all bitched out by tricks, snitches and fake ass gangstas.
Chicken McGreen: Well, at least he can still be resurrected right?
Jesse James: Yep he can.
Chicken McGreen: How?
Jesse James: We must emblem as many late model Buick Riviera as possible.
Chicken McGreen: Then what?
Jess James: We must then take all the emblems and stick them to as many Ford Aspires as possible. It must all be be done under the full moon. Then The Dahn Turgenson shall rise the next morning.
by Dahn April 14, 2008
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