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Used to be a title showing a capability to mix and scratch existing music to create a new sound (the equivalent of the digital match-up artists of today), but now anyone who has made a track line-up on a tape or burned CD has the same talent of the self-proclaimed narcissistic DJs of today who for some reason buy their material on LP even though all they're doing is fading at the end of one track into the beginning of the next.
"Oh, don't you love DJ NeonMonkeyJizz, he's so talented, I mean, the way he fades between tracks is just so perfect it's..." **SLAP** "SHUT THE FUCK UP!"
by Dagmar Geech August 15, 2005
1. (verb) the act of suckering someone into buying any shitty product for superficial/pretentious/trendy reasons, especially any Apple product

2. (noun) concern for superficial/pretentious/trendy things, especially Apple products

3. (adjective/adverb) superficial/pretentious/trendy
1. That Best Buy salesman iFucked me by telling me there's a wide variety of good games for this Mac I just purchased.

2. Leave me alone Mr. Salesman, I don't give an iFuck!

3. That iPod of yours is iFucking shitty!

4. Don't iFuck me with your iFucking iFuck, that's just iFucked up!
#i #apple #mac #fuck #sucker #trendy
by Dagmar Geech July 27, 2006
A revived belief system rooted in a primitive understanding of chemistry and medicine, given merit by the histories of fantasy fiction and practiced most successfully by tabletop gamers.

Further books on this subject can be found at your local bookstore in the NEW AGE section, somewhere between "The Sagittarian Sorcerer" and "You're a Teen Rune Casting Goddess".
"Oh yeah! I remember what Don Quixote's magic balsam did to him and poor Sancho Panza. That was pretty funny."

"You've got to roll a 15+ on that d20 to make the +20 HP potion and maybe with the experience points level up to a level 3 alchemist, that'll allow you to make +30 HP potions and you'll only have to roll a 12+ on the d20. If you roll under you'll destroy your potion source materials and suffer -2 HP for letting the reaction blow up in your face."
by Dagmar Geech March 09, 2005
A play on words, combining both PS3 and 3DO; thus PS3DO. This term is used to refer to Sony's Playstation 3 console gaming system (PS3) and suggests that the PS3 is following the fate of the 3DO. The 3DO was a fifth generation console system that provided superior gaming in its time but failed because of its high pricing and refusal to reduce price. The 3DO was priced at $700 and the PS3 at $600, a great deal higher than both their competators.
Why get a PS3DO when I can get a Wii and an Xbox 360 for almost the same price?
#ps3 #3do #playstation 3 #xbox 360 #wii
by Dagmar Geech January 16, 2007
REDNECK, an acronym for:

REDNECKs love George Bush almost as much as they love Jesus.
#redneck #eurocentric #christian #republican #jesusland
by Dagmar Geech April 17, 2007
Despite local opinions, it is not the center of the universe.
They make Pace Picante in NEW YORK CITY?!?!?!
#nyc #new york #ny #big apple #universe
by Dagmar Geech June 07, 2006
A name used when refering to an automobile mechanic. Also see Grease Monkey.
Frank: "My car broke down so I took it to a Skeeter to get fixed. I got charged $500 and the thing still doesn't fucking work."

George: "His name was Skeeter?"

Frank: "No, I think her name was Phillis."
by Dagmar Geech August 15, 2005
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