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1) a large, generally bulbous head.
2) a moron, dolt, or uncouth person.
(Both words derived from Rob "Domus" McIntyre
1) Domus has a large domus
2) Domus is a large domus
by DMM December 15, 2003
alternative word for shit
ic ant go out, i gotta take care of some shi'ite
by DMM September 01, 2003
basketball played by negroes and/or played in a negro and/or negroesque way. Streetball, as well as ball with malformed offensive schemes, bad defense, hacking, dunks, one-on-one, taunting, cornrows, etc.
I wanted to go see a good college basketball game, but unfortunately those nugs were playin nuthin but blaxketball.
by DMM January 31, 2004
a joke or otherwise non-serious comment.
Derivation: Joke in spanish is chiste, which sounds like chicle, which is a small piece of gum, and in spanglish gum is goma, so its a small piece of goma, and goma is actually an eraser in spanish, so its a small eraser, which, in spanglish, is an eraserito.
Damn, B. Don't get so defensive, it was only an eraserito
by DMM December 07, 2003
one from the hood
Some local hoodites came and robbed the 7-11.
by DMM December 02, 2003
TO vomit; to hurl
After I ate that bad sushi, I churchwelled all over the place.
by DMM December 02, 2003

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