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A short way of saying Down Low
hey bro I have herpes but keep the info on the DLo k?
by DLoDo May 13, 2011
(A play on the words Knee and Fingering.)

The act of useing ones knee to rub ones pussy for self pleasure.
Jade: OMG!! last night instead of having sex with me, John started knee-gering me!!

Jill: Sounds like a personal problem.

Jade: -_______-
by DLoDo November 29, 2011
The act of slobering so much it leaks out all over yourself in a dripping or leaking mannor
1) Jeff: Hey did you see john's dog Buster yesterday?

Todd: Yeah! he was so Slocky I didnt wanna touch him!!!

2) Jeff: Dude!!! did you see that hot girl that just walked by???

Todd: Yeah bro! she made me all Slocky!!!
by DLoDo March 29, 2011
an expression used to show how happy someone is after jerking off (Came from the Expression danceing in the rain)
Man yesterday I was so bored I decided to jerk off!! It was so nice, I was jerkin in the rain :D
by DLoDo May 13, 2011

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