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7 definitions by DJM

God Fucking Dammit
"GFD, I got herpes from that bitch"
by djm January 15, 2004
206 44
To bullshit. (to shovel the shit)
When he said he won the lottery, I knew he was shoveling.
by DJM February 25, 2004
71 47
An erection achieved through no sexual arousal, but through a moment of triumph. This boner will often be taken care of by a lady with a wet victory vagina
Bill screwed Jane in the ass with his victory boner after throwing that last touchdown pass.
by DJM October 07, 2003
26 6
One who performs in the act of anal sex. Usually refers to a gay man.
See those two guys holding hand? I bet they're back door burglars.
by DJM November 27, 2003
11 5
a irish bloke thats thick as shit.
by DJM August 24, 2003
4 13
Can often be used in place of "fuck", but is more fun to use because it is more unique.
Go fist yourself
by DJM October 07, 2003
10 21
An exclamatory statement expressing excitement, not invented by, but propogated enthusiastically by geeky engineers and RC Racing enthusiasts.
"Boo-yah, I get to go to the track tonight", Chris said while wearing his new pink pants.
by DJM June 28, 2003
10 29