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slang for the Natural Ice beer brand.
im drinkin a 12 of natty tonight
by dirt January 29, 2003
To be realy drunk
"we got so butthoused last night, 151 is some good shit!"
by Dirt May 17, 2003
someone who cant keep thier face off nut sacks.
"every time i see michael he has nuts on his chin..." yeah hes such a sack face"
by dirt April 09, 2003
The act of cutting ones own penis off in attempt to show off, notorious bandwagon noob.
That transexual aug healer reminds me of Kadorak
by Dirt September 08, 2003
Referring to a girl who is a Dime
"Damn, she's dimalicious"
by Dirt May 17, 2003
The act of eating out an anus. Typically performed on a male, but can occasionally be peformed on a female. Very common among homos and fags.
Those two guys over there were giving bummscully to each other all nighT!
by Dirt March 29, 2004
Highly similar to the female "queef", a schmeef is a penile fart.
O man, that schmeef smells like shit
by Dirt March 29, 2004

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