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1)a car that's beat iz loud
2)a stupid person who say stupid stuff
3)a radio that haz alota bass
That car knock.Yea b it slap.
by DFEEZY April 11, 2006
1)A fine gurl that almost everone wuld try to get to before you
youz a fine brezie I just had to step my game to get down wit you.
by DFEEZY April 11, 2006
1)A ho
2)A fuck gurl or boy that dont get payed
3)Someone lower thana ho
Lil 500 dont fuck wit that gurl she a riper.You might catch something you cant get rid of.Yaddadymean
by DFEEZY April 11, 2006
1)A GUN that shots hard.
2)A HO(a girl that be on da coner alday.
A bud stay awy from dat gurl over dar she got a thumbper.yo bud dat bitch iz crazy
by DFEEZY April 11, 2006
1)short for metro phone.
2)a cheep phone
Ooh, tell me when to go (dumb)
Talking on my "Ghettro" on the way to the store
... My 2nd or 3rd trip
Some Henny, some Swishers and some Listerine strips
Dr. Greenthumb lift, just to ease my thoughts
Not just the cops, but the homies you gotta watch
The moon is full, look at the dark clouds
Sitting in my scraper, watching Oakland go wild... Ta-dow
I don't bump mainstream, I knock underground
All that other shit, sugar-coated and watered down
I'm from the Bay where we hyphy and go dumb
From the soil where them rappers be getting their lingo from
by DFEEZY April 11, 2006
2)something you get from a gurl
3)not a disease unless it is dirty
I seein how you be lookin at that gurl you got some pearl huh?I Smell it on your breath you ate it to ewwwwww bud get away from me you smell like fish
by DFEEZY April 11, 2006

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