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A slang term for pussy; typically used by men when describing the female genitalia.
You aint gettin no twisad!
by DC October 11, 2003
It means the same thing as Cans (boobs), but the K gives it an edge, and the Z makes it slick.
Look at the kanz on the bitch.
by DC December 08, 2003
A weblog: A Blogger containing: Links, Sex, Rants & Prozac. A mad man with the Skill of using lines to depict something. Usualy disturbing or sexually graphic images.
That man has been drawn crazy.
by DC July 17, 2003
Danielle Caron has the biggest forearms possibly ever on a girl. Therfore making her a popeye.... where does she get those magical forearms?
" Danielle is a major popeye"

by DC April 02, 2004
To eat something or to literally contain food
"Yo dude can I box on this leftover chicken?"
by DC October 22, 2003
octa-maroon colored mf with sick crossovers
Got schooled by the D-dawg
by DC September 26, 2003
A ring out is when you are doing a girl doggystyle then you pull out and suddenly put foot to ass and kick the girl off of the bed.
I was doing some slut I didn't know doggystle. After I busted my nut I decided to go for the ring out.
by DC February 28, 2006

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