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On Caesar's grave.

Used in the same manner as nephz
Durst I will knock you out.
by DC April 19, 2005
Often used as a sound effect, usually related to biting something in a large way.
Also often used as a cute word to describe the way someones significant other will limpet onto their other half. This can manifest itself as hugging and putting their mouth over their shoulder, not quite biting, but more like the sound effect use of Glomp.

Glomp is very common in Anime comics.
"don't chew the sofa."

*moments pass*

by DC January 13, 2005
A piece of South Africa on the Potomac River.
Imagine having 2 Black Senators in the US Congress- there's only one reason why we don't.
by DC February 27, 2005

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