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DTD is an acronym for "double thumbs down". Used to describe something bad, or a bad experience.
As Dave left the theatre with a sense of unfulfilment, he reflected on his experience and announced that he was giving it the DTD.
by DC July 12, 2004
a band which have a qwerty first album but have a brilliant second album
they should get rid of some people
by DC January 24, 2004
A word that posers use instead of ta tang tang. The term must be used with a secret handshake. It can be used as a greating or it can express horniness or joy.
Alex: Wang wang!
Daniel: Wang wang!
*slap hands*
by DC March 31, 2004
Bucket made by vauxhall mostly of rust.
the cheapest way to make you sound system mobile.
most commonly pushed uphill by steeks townies neds etc..
awwwww m8 ur nova is da total beast mate,

check out da twin decks on dat bad boy
by DC August 06, 2004
Suburban white kids who pretends he grew up in the ghetto and trys to act hard and thugish but usually gets picked on or beat up or both.
Wigger: Wassup homie? How you be?
Black Guy: Shut up moron.
Wigger: Why you be hatin nigga?
Black Guy: Excuse me!
by DC January 13, 2005
When a dude screws his girl while a buddy of his hides in the closet beat boxing and the couple does it to his rhythm.
Yo man. I was beat boxing this chick while my homie was doin a jack in the box}
by DC May 08, 2005
getting high with a cool dude who thinks he is a girl
i was getting high with an emile
by dc April 21, 2005

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