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3 definitions by DAWhat???

Someone who looks nice and sweet on the outside, but is a disgusting mess on the inside.
Why did you break up with Macy, she was pretty and nice.

I realized that she is a Cadbury Egg. She seemed like a nice person, but has so many issues that she keeps hidden that I knew that she’d eventually just bring me down.
by DAWhat??? September 23, 2012
12 2
Nice But Crazy
How come you didn't talk to Lynn more at the party?

She's NBC.

How come?

She left a good husband, a nice house, and her 3 kids so that she could date her friend who has been to prison and plays in a band.

by DAWhat??? June 02, 2011
41 33
Taking a dookie in Hawaii. It's just feels better than a regular dookie because everything is better in Hawaii.
I just took a Dookie Aloha Leukie and I feel great!!!
by DAWhat??? May 02, 2013
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