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A person with such an incredible amount of swagger that there is no need to put even the most minute amount of effort forth.
Joey - "yo, u callin them females tonight?"
Pekelo - "nawh, fuck that I ain't callin shit, we hittin the bar... imma swag surfer mayne... betchu we pull betta ones within minutes."
by Cushuito January 16, 2010

Pronounced "Ray + Ode" (said quickly)

Raod is the conjunction of the words "Raped" and "Owned" This powerful combination amounts to one of the most epic ass-kicking fiestas any online game player, solo game player, L.A.R.P. noob, or regular person can ever see or dish out.

Someone who has been "Raod" has undeniably has their plan of attack countered by what could easily be considered psychic force. The simple truth is that they had zero chance of winning.
Yo, Nate, we gettin' in that CoD tonight mayne?

Yeah, nigga, imma hit em w/ that ninja glare then Raod them all till the break of dawn.

Do what it do nigga, imma be right there witchu' gettin my e-thug on.
by Cushuito October 11, 2009
When a person has so much swagger that they are even able to control the amount they exert to a needle point. If you poses cruise control swag you can put out just enough swag to:

1) make bitches want you
2) make bitches fight over you
3) pull bitches off of other dudes
4) make bitches do things for you without any of the extra fluff needed

People with cruise control swagger have hit such a high level of "pimping" that they no longer even put a thought into what they are doing, it just comes natural.

A person with cruise control swag would also be known as a swag surfer
Pekelo went to a party after three days of not sleeping, rolling, and in a bad mood, he still pulled three numbers due to his cruise control swag.

Joey - "Lets get some bitches mayne"
Pekelo - "What u grinnin bout dawg"
Joey - "We gonna pull out that cruise control swag nigga, these bitches ain't even gonna see the shit comin"
Pekelo - "pimp out loud my nigga"
by Cushuito January 21, 2010
When someone practices pimping on such a regular basis they can no longer contain the image they have of being a player. A person who pimps out loud is generally also a swag surfer or has cruise control swag. On rare occasions they have both.
Pekelo and Joey are local celebrities, whenever they hit a club or bar everyone knows them and they guys always come shake their hands. They have gotten with so many females they now can only pimp out loud, as opposed to pimping in secret.
by Cushuito January 21, 2010
"super clean" is used to describe an individual who is not 'riding dirty', aka, without drugs, guns, or any other illegal substances
Pekelo - 'ey baby girl, am I still comin over?

Claire - yeah, i'll see you in an hour :) ... you haven't been smoking right?

Pekelo - nawh shawty, you know I stay super clean when you see me on the block
by Cushuito September 17, 2009
Used to describe a really good friend of yours who you know always stays on top of their game, but most importantly always has your back.

It's a combination of the words entrepreneur and negro. Taking the smart business aspect of the first word, and combining it with a less insulting but still common term used in a friendly manner within the hip-hop culture as a greeting. These two words together describe what would otherwise be considered a homie.
Pekelo: Yo, I'm not gonna have enough cash for Carribbean Fest next week...

Jon: It's all good, I'll front u a bill, just hit me back when u got it.

Pekelo: Hell yeah, that's my entreponegro.
by Cushuito November 04, 2009
This is a neurological condition in which stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to automatic, involuntary experiences in a second sensory or cognitive pathway. In this case it happens in a very specific way. Colors, Feeling, High Pitched noises, tastes, and many other sensory reactions are all reinterpreted as deeply resounding bass lines. A feeling that inwardly leaves the subject feeling like they are in a mild earthquake though outwardly there is no actual visual accompaniment.
Guy 1: Damn I love dubstep, those heavy bass drops feel so wonderful.

Guy 2: Haha, I don't have to listen to music for that feeling. Bassesthesia is awesome, most of the time anyways.

Guy 1: What the hell is that?

Guy 2: See that hot girl over there? Well, right now looking at her I can feel the rumble.

Guy 1: What about now? She just bent over...

Guy 2: Heh, let's just say the vibrations feel a little too good.

Guy 1: Woah buddy, put that damn thing away! Down Simba!
by cushuito December 19, 2012
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