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When a person has so much swagger that they are even able to control the amount they exert to a needle point. If you poses cruise control swag you can put out just enough swag to:

1) make bitches want you
2) make bitches fight over you
3) pull bitches off of other dudes
4) make bitches do things for you without any of the extra fluff needed

People with cruise control swagger have hit such a high level of "pimping" that they no longer even put a thought into what they are doing, it just comes natural.

A person with cruise control swag would also be known as a swag surfer
Pekelo went to a party after three days of not sleeping, rolling, and in a bad mood, he still pulled three numbers due to his cruise control swag.

Joey - "Lets get some bitches mayne"
Pekelo - "What u grinnin bout dawg"
Joey - "We gonna pull out that cruise control swag nigga, these bitches ain't even gonna see the shit comin"
Pekelo - "pimp out loud my nigga"
by Cushuito January 21, 2010
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