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Pronounced "Ray + Ode" (said quickly)

Raod is the conjunction of the words "Raped" and "Owned" This powerful combination amounts to one of the most epic ass-kicking fiestas any online game player, solo game player, L.A.R.P. noob, or regular person can ever see or dish out.

Someone who has been "Raod" has undeniably has their plan of attack countered by what could easily be considered psychic force. The simple truth is that they had zero chance of winning.
Yo, Nate, we gettin' in that CoD tonight mayne?

Yeah, nigga, imma hit em w/ that ninja glare then Raod them all till the break of dawn.

Do what it do nigga, imma be right there witchu' gettin my e-thug on.
by Cushuito October 11, 2009
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