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Never; A non-existant date
After the band split up, they members told the label their new album would be released Neverary 32nd,
by Curtis Meyer March 21, 2008
Cologne or perfume (Created by Brianna Brumfield of Orlando, Florida)
Before I went to the club, I had to put on some smell good.
by Curtis Meyer March 13, 2008
Attractive in regards to intelligence and physical beauty (Comes from "smart" and "sexy"); -ier; -iest; See also: "Smeautiful"
The librarian's glasses made her look smexy.
by Curtis Meyer March 13, 2008
1. Someone who is all talk and no action. (Comes from "yakking" and "activist," and the expression "All yak and no sack"); The opposite of a pragmatist.

2. Someone with a penchant for conjuring false hopes.

3. An expert at bluffing.
1. "She keeps saying she'll quit her job, but her co-workers know she's just a yaktivist."

2. "Whenever his father promised to take him to the zoo, he had a feeling his father was just being a yaktivist."

3. "He always wins at poker because no one can tell when he's got a good hand and when he's being a yaktivist."
by Curtis Meyer March 10, 2008
A relationship where both parties benefit from either other's interactions with one another. (From "romance" and "symbiosis.")
The oxpecker and the rhino share a symbiomance.
by Curtis Meyer October 26, 2009
A call-and-response used as a greeting, toast, or affirmation
Word life, word death

Party #1 Offers dap: "Word life"
Party #2 dapping back: "Word death"

Host raising glass in toast: "Word life"
Party: "Word death"

Party#1: "Word life?" Do you understand?
Party #2: "Word death." I understand.
by Curtis Meyer March 13, 2008
1. To be swept beneath by a wave.

2. (To be) the effect of experiencing something of mediocre quality ; -ing; -ed

3. Neither good nor bad, simply existing
The movie last night was completely whelming.

I thought I would be excited by the fair, but I was whelmed at best.
by Curtis Meyer March 13, 2008
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