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A term pertaing to when a gay male and a lesbian female have sexual intercorse when drunk. It is considered trisex because it is a gay, a lesbian, and heterosexual sex.
Dude, the other night when i got drunk off my ass, i had a little trisex action. Well, not a little...lol!
by Cum%Andrew%Dumpster October 21, 2007
1. Usually meaning that a female or shemale hasnt been fucked for a very long period of time for some reason or another and her vagina becomes obsolete.

2. The vagina becomes very dusty and decrepid because it hasnt been fucked in so long.

3. A vagina that was fucked so much that it burnt out like an old tv, and it can no longer be used, so it becomes dirty and decaying.
Damn motherfucker! Your pussy is wack! You got one of those Dusty Vaginas! That shit needs to be upgraded with some 21st century cock!
by Cum%Andrew%Dumpster October 21, 2007
Usually meaning that a guy is in the closet about his homosexuality or bisexuality, and is deathly afraid of telling his peers or family, though he fucks guys secretly behind everyones back.
GOD! Sean is such a coat hanger fag! I cant fuckin stand it! Why cant he just tell everyone he is bi?
by Cum%Andrew%Dumpster October 21, 2007
A filthy whore who has so many STD's that she gets sores, boils, and zits on her vagina, causing her to excrete pus from her genitalia.
Dude, that fuckin whore has a fuckin pustule pussy; see that shit running down her leg?
by Cum%Andrew%Dumpster October 21, 2007
Usually pertaining to homosexual teens that hook up with a guy for a relationship, but end up getting fucked and left.
Andrew: Man, i want to get with that guy so bad!
Jackie: No, no, no, hes just one of those fuck em and chuck em guys!
by Cum%Andrew%Dumpster October 21, 2007
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