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P00r is when you're poor due to the fact that you've spent all of your money on l33t items... computers, computer parts/extentions/games/etc.
Person A: D00d, my new computer was just made yesterday and I already installed ten extra terabytes on its hard drive!
Person B: That's cool. I assume you somehow have money left over to pay the rent?
Person A: Oh shit, I don't! Now I'm p00r!!!!1!11
by CrazyPeep February 09, 2005
A degrogatory essay about women that one writes when one is incapable of getting laid. Thus, all of the sexual frustration becomes channeled into another activity, making one feel less pathetic.
Shit, I wish I could get some pussy without having to pay a ho. I know, I'll write an essay dissing women! That'll make me feel better...
by CrazyPeep February 18, 2005
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