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A turd that is anywhere except for in the toilet or in a person.

Man! I need to get home quick or I'm going to have a Deuce on the loose!


first guy: Don't go into the second toilet stall, there's a couple deuces on the loose.

second guy: Aww dude! Nasty! Where?

first guy: One on the floor and one on the toilet seat.
by CrazyAndyD October 20, 2012
N.O.W. Stands for "Nasty Overweight Woman"

1. A group of women that are always screeching about their rights to abortion, even though nothing with a dick would get within fifty feet of them (not counting their girlfriends with a strap-on)

2. The lowest form of human life that vilify every man as a rapist & violent just to maintain their fear control over other women.
Guy 1: "Did you hear that N.O.W. cow ranting at the party last night?"

Guy 2: " Yeah, if she wasn't so ugly I would have stuck my dick in her mouth just to shut her up"
by CrazyAndyD October 21, 2012
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