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A rip off poser band organization formed by andy sixx so that he could rip off KISS just like he ripped off Motley Crue, plus he's the lead singer of the worst rock band in history.

The BVB Army is full of fucking 12 year old posers who want to blow Andy Sixx. They don't actually accomplish anything. All they want is to have sex with Andy Sixx because they think he's hot and want to blow him.

To determine how many 12 year old posers there out there, SIMPLY LOOK AT THE NUMBER OF THUMBS DOWN COUNT
12 year old blonde bitch who nobody likes: Im in the BVB army and im emo. I like being emo. i dont have any problems, i just think being emo is cool.
by CrashCarson November 12, 2011
The BVB Army is a rip off bullshit poser club.

Andy Sixx, the supposed leader of the BVB Army, stole his ideas from the rock band, "KISS" because he isn't creative in any way and everything he says about being yourself is all a bunch of bull shit.
Poser: Im emo because im in the BVB Army.
by CrashCarson July 26, 2011
A sexual act in which a female organism inserts an active male reproductive organ into her oral cavity and using the muscles in her oral cavity to manipulate the nerves in the male reproductive organ until a point where the nerves send signals to the epididymous to release male reproductive cells and other male reproductive secretions through the vas defers. by a series of contractions until the fully nutrient enhanced male reproductive material, or semen, is ejaculated into the oral cavity of the female organism. The female organism then swallows/consumes the male reproductive material and then the male organism looses interest in the female organism.
The girl gave the guy a blow job because she wanted to pleasure the guy.
by CrashCarson May 30, 2011
School is a boring place where the teachers torment you for 8 hours a day because they were beaten by their parents when they were younger and have all this anger and decide to take it out on innocent young minds.
School is really a prison.
by CrashCarson July 25, 2011
A person who calls himself emo and thinks hes the only emo person in the world. Posers also listen to BVB, and then they obsess about it and then they think they're emo only because they listen to BVB, and not any other punk bands.

Posers also have a habit of labeling themselves and others, and also talk about everybody behind their backs.

Posers also like to "talk shit" about everybody behind their backs but when they are challenged to fight, they pussy out at the very last second for whatever reason. This is why nobody likes posers. So don't pose.
A person obsessing over Black Veil Brides, but then when they are asked what other kinds of music they listen to, they reply with "Justin Beiber" or "Lil' Wayne." Emos don't listen to pop you freaking idiots.

Another example of a poser is a person calling themselves "Emo." One thing about emos, they don't label themselves, but posers wouldn't know.
by CrashCarson May 29, 2011
A young female who complains about everything, or everyone, usually to her boyfriend, and never shuts the hell up. To a bitch, nothing is ever good enough for them. Bitches are spoiled brats who need to shut up before they're boyfriend smacks the hell out of them.
Chris Brown beat Rhianna because she never shut up about everything. Rhianna bitched to Chris Brown non-stop, until she finally got underneath his skin and Brown rammed his fist into her head.
by CrashCarson May 30, 2011
A penis is the sexual reproductive organ of the male gender. The penis is suppose to be inserted into a woman's vagina during sexual intercourse; however, it can be inserted into the mouth, the anus or the ear of the woman as well.

The penis is also used to bring pleasure to a lonely male. By rubbing the penis, it stimulates the highly sensitive nerves in the head to a certain degree in which it signals the reproductive system to ejaculate sperm and semen out of the penis and all over the lonely dude's hand.

A penis is a long shaft made entirely out of thick blood vessels. Flanking the shaft of the penis are two balls resting in a sack. This sack is called the ball sack and hurts like hell whenever they are kicked hard by an angry female.

A penis grows hard during arousal, and this arousal is called a boner. During a boner, blood fills inside the penis, filling up all the blood vessels and making it hard and stiff

A penis can be written in computer language too. To do this you simply type the letter 8 followed by an equal sign that can be made at any quantity desired, followed by a capital D.
Some random person: Hey baby, would you allow me to insert my penis into your vagina?

Some random horny female: Okays!(:
by CrashCarson July 25, 2011

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