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A Collective of individuality of a group of individuals who together make a tight circle.

Not a group, but individuals who come off group like.
Da'jon: Yo that group We seen get off at the park today was dope!

Paul: That's wasn't a group man, just individuals who share a craft and all are dope at it! That was Fleshwoundz!

Paula: All those girls can dance, lets start a group.
Amber: I hate being in groups, lets just form a team of individuals who are all good but not be a group.
Pauls: Fleshwoundz

Mitchell: Young Money is a dope group.
Cordero: They aint no group! Their individuals who all dope as hell!
by Courtesy June 29, 2012
Females who be with every nigga in they city, A Hoe, A slut, a bopper
Aint nobody fuckin with Jessica, her bopper ass.
by Courtesy June 29, 2012
stupidest fuckin job in the world
you push carts clean up shit and bag groceries
"clean up on aisle 5 for a courtesty-clerk"
by courtesy April 29, 2008
Getting clowned on to the fullest extent
They wasn't clownin that nigga they was roastin his ass!
Boy got Roasted!
by Courtesy June 29, 2012

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