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154 definitions by Cornholio

Ciagrette; health stick, fag
I came, rolled over and sucked on a cancer tube. Isn't that what guys are supposed to do?
by Cornholio November 03, 2003
170 10
Chicano pejorative term for an English-speaking, non-Hispanic
The gabachos don't want to give drivers licenses to immigrants.
by Cornholio September 29, 2003
282 145
A medical doctor who specializes in female plumbing, aka the reproductive system. From "obstetrician-gynecologist."
I was an amateur OB-GYN before my arrest. I liked sticking my nose into women's snatches.
by Cornholio November 04, 2003
181 64
Achieve an erection; get a hard-on; by extension, perform any difficult task.
He's so asexual, he couldn't get it up at an Annie Sprinkle marathon.
by Cornholio November 04, 2003
151 37
Brazilian for "take it up the ass" meaning "fuck you" in the general non-sexual sense.
"Vai tomar no cu" he said to the Mother Superior as he hightailed to the street, dressed only an a wimple.
by cornholio October 11, 2003
129 26
A mildly pejorative term for Jews, made famous by Jesse Jackson
We're on our way to Kennedy Airport in Hymietown.
by Cornholio September 29, 2003
175 71
Stimulating pill or drug, e.g. speed or meth; see whites
We kept popping uppers as we drove across Texas that night
by cornholio October 16, 2003
129 29