8 definitions by Corey Dyson

Word which describes the state of being after smoking marijuana.
I smoked a whole dub by myself. I'm so fried.
by Corey Dyson May 01, 2005
To get knocked unconcious during involvement in an altercation.
That bamma tried to fight Kelz and got slumped.
by Corey Dyson May 01, 2005
When a person uses words in an agressive manner with no intention or ability to back them up.
"Mike's hood really ain't that tough. They just be doin alot of fakin."
by Corey Dyson May 02, 2005
Neighborhood or area that is claimed or represented by a group of people.
"What set you claim?" "Sursum Cordas nigga!"
by Corey Dyson May 01, 2005
Selling illegal drugs in order to obtain a profit.
I was out pitchin all night tryna get paid.
by Corey Dyson May 01, 2005
A set that can be found in the metro area that is represented by the residents of Clinton, Maryland. Most recognized because one of gogo's hottest clubs is located there.
I'm gon rep Small World til I die.
by Corey Dyson May 02, 2005
Term used when referring to Washington DC, Maryland, and northern Virginia collectively.
Roscoe's from the metro and hasn't been to many places outside of it.
by Corey Dyson May 01, 2005

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