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1- cooler than cool, makes you laugh about anything
2- a buffalo to end all buffalos
1- that kid had us all laughing til we cried; she was sooo becca!
2- omg, did you see what that badger did to the baby mouse? it was so becca
by Cooleo November 20, 2006
Cooler than cool, so cool you dont even know what hit you. oh, and HOTT
OMG did u see the new girl??? she is soooooooo fortna.
by cooleo November 15, 2006
a cooler than cool best friend, who has a tendancy to be chased by late nite party-ers weilding rakes
i'm so lucky to have a barnasevitch like you! watch out for that girl with a garden tool!
by cooleo November 16, 2006

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