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The number of calories in a Big Mac.
I just ate a Big Mac and now my stomach is a theoretical impossibility. I'm gonna go take a dump . . . It's gonna take some plumber to unclog that!
by Conway79 August 23, 2004
A large ball of teeth that works with its buddies to eat the world of yesterday to make room for today. They are also rumoured to eat lazy little boys.
From the Steven King film 'The Langoliers'
by Conway79 February 10, 2004
Boring town in Suffolk, England where I happen to live.
Whenever I step out my front door (about once a week), I see Ipswich everywhere!
by Conway79 February 10, 2004
What you type when the 'n' and 'a' keys get stuck while typing 'banana'
One day, I was eating a bananananana . . . Dumb computer!
by Conway79 August 23, 2004

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