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The all purpose answer to any question. If you don't know the answer or are stuck on a hard question, just say this, and even if it's not right, you'll at least get a laugh!

*can be used interchangably with Walter Kronkite
Q: "Who was the fourth person to sign the British treaty at Versailles?"
A: "Ingrid Bergman!"

Q: "Who was King Charles I's second wife?"
A: "Ingrid Bergman!"
by Consuela Bananahammock January 31, 2008
The ultimate degrading nickname for someone. The opposite of a pet name, this is something you would call someone you're not particularly fond of, but perhaps don't want them to know that.
"Will you grab me a glass of water?"
"Sure thing, Pancakes!"
by Consuela Bananahammock June 10, 2008

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