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Where one uses a fresh clump of snow to wash their car following a blizzard, four-wheeling trip, or just, plain out, long spout of laziness.
After the blizzard rolled through, I decided it was probably time to spruce up my ride so I gave it the Colorado Carwash
by Clyde Common March 28, 2009
Where you see someone you recognize but don't really want to talk to so you proceed to ignore them and their overall existance
Judy: Oh man, I saw my boss at Target yesterday so I pretended to be interested in the selection of toilet seat covers. It was pretty obvious I was recognore-ing him.
by Clyde Common March 10, 2009
One who looks, dresses, stinks, and acts like a stoner, but, in fact, is NOT a stoner.

Deriving from the french word faux for false---faux stoner
I don't like Chris. Mofo goes so far as to fake-inhaling and wasting all my good shit... He's such a stauxner.
by Clyde Common February 24, 2010
A condition of social anxiety where you want to get your freak-spank on with someone but get too nervous.
Dude I totally wanted to bone Brady but got too spanxious and didn't even make it to first base :(
by Clyde Common March 10, 2009
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