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Driving off-road, typically in a four-wheel-drive vehicle, though a 2WD vehicle can attempt it.
"I'm going four-wheeling in my Jeep later..."
by blonderoadkill February 06, 2006
Driving your truck (usually a 4 wheel drive) off road and through extreme conditions.
I just got my lift kit on my CJ-5 and i cant wait to go four-wheeling!
by EvanZ March 17, 2006
the second greatest "sport" according to rednecks (2nd only to muddin) which envolves driving around like a mad person over hills cliffs and other steep things that only trucks and jeeps with four-wheel drive can handle
billy bob-hey man whadidya do over the weeken'
bubba- aww not much i couldn' go muddin so i when four-wheeling
billy bob- nice
by redneckchic February 06, 2006
When two couples hang out together, completely aware of the separate relationships. Stems from the much less fortunate term third wheel.
Sarah and I didn't want to go to the movie alone, so we went four-wheeling with Ben and Audrey.
by Dkwksodp June 22, 2014
Noun. A pseudo-sport for rednecks in which large and loud mud-spattered vehicles are used to tear up pristine wilderness areas and frighten helpless woodland creatures.
The Clackamas Four-Wheeling Club is based in Molalla, Oregon, near Mt. Hood National Forest.
by Joyce Boles February 06, 2006
When a chick sucking on a monster rocket, her head bobs up and down, like she is driving over rough terraine in a 4 wheeler.
That Sluts head was a'bobbin while she was four-wheeling me
by SuperStar Aaron February 06, 2006
When your head bobs around when you about to fall asleep when sitting upright. It is given this name because it looks like you're driving offroad.
The security guard was fired for four-wheeling at his post.
by Bryan Fox January 31, 2006
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