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After probing somebodies ass with a wooden spoon, to proceed to use orange juice in an attempt to simulate a tropical environment. He then plunges the already crud covered spoon into his patner's mouth until said partner rolphs. The object is to produce a vomit that could be passed off as corn chowder.
Pat: damn playa that was one hell of a post julianoscopy
by clint November 03, 2004
Having distinctly homosexual themes; a pervasive sense of homoeroticism.
"I went to Josh's place; he says he decorated himself and I tell you, some serious homovertones. I wonder about that guy..."
by Clint April 04, 2005
Homeless fashion statement.
"Dude, that Bum's pants are so fuckin Hobo Tech...
by Clint August 27, 2003
"I've got a fever...and the only prescription for that fever...is more cowbell!"
by clint May 18, 2004
The migration of people from California to other states to look for cheaper housing, better morals, lack of gangs/drugs/prostitution, etc., but bring their own lack of morals, drive up house prices, and bring gangs/drugs/prostitution to the other states.
The californication of Utah, Arizona, Oregon, and Idaho has escalated in the last 10 years. Why doesn't California do us a favor and just sink into the ocean?
by Clint March 23, 2004
A word that means to love someone without a romantic connotation; created as a contraction of "Plutonic" and "love"
"You know I pluve you Melissa, but I'm your best friend, I can't make out with you"
by Clint February 03, 2005
a condition where the nasel passages have been inflamed at birth as a result of being dropped face first to the floor.
Chris are you on medication for that goblersnob.
by Clint March 01, 2003

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