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It means to get married or commit to a monogamous relationship; probably the two most indicative words for the situation itself, born of a word that can mean "to move downward; sink, or descend," "to subdue," and "to conclude," and a word that means the "opposite of up."

"Man looks like Lester finally had to settle down and give up the player lifestyle...man, and settle isn't wrong!"

by Clint October 09, 2005
1. noun- A very capable digital video recorder that can record more than one TV/Cable/Satellite show at once. This device requires no tape nor disk, but requires a monthly or lifetime subscription to work. It allows you to record, pause, fast forward, rewind, etc., with ease. It uses subscriber feedback and recording history to make "Tivo suggestions", or recordings you haven't asked for that Tivo (the company) believes that you will like. Likely the one thing that scares television advertizers the most.

2. noun- The company who engineered and marketed the Tivo device.

3. verb- The act of using a Tivo machine to record a show.
My Tivo only cost me $99, but saved me a ton on videotapes.

Tivo had my Tivo record Fahrenheit 51 last night. I'm really surprised, but I like that show!

Mom, I told you I wanted to Tivo Crankyankers last night!
by Clint March 25, 2004
one who goes after ugly women at night while intoxacated and wakes up feeling like he spent the night hunting for monsters
"what happend last night, and why do i feel like van helsing"
by clint February 23, 2005
1. noun.

a. A male who, often through means of manipulation and deception, attempts to gain the physical affection of a female who is already committed to another person. Common motives include; jealousy, or the need to compensate for feelings of inferiority to the victim; uncontrollable sex drive; or simple spite or malicious intent.

{Pussy from Low German puse + Bandit from Italian bandito}
1. That filthy pussy bandit SPC Espino tried to steal Matt's woman, but fortunately, he was cock blocked and failed miserably. Maybe, it's because he has an incredibly severe case of dick hand.
by clint August 27, 2004
verb. milked the cock, milk the cock, milking the cock, milks the cock

The practice of removing excess semen from the urethra after ejaculation, usually by applying pressure beginning just forward of the scrotum and moving up towards the head of the penis.
After brutally reaming Jason L's ass for over three hours, I finnaly came, and afterwards, milked the cock.
by clint August 25, 2004
1. verb - The act of migration from California to other states in search of cheaper housing, better morals, and lack of gangs, drugs, prostitution, etc. Instead, they drive up house prices whereever they move to, and bring their low morals, gangs, drugs, and prostitution to the other states.

2. verb - The performance of sexual acts with a person higher-up in the movie industry in order to be in a Hollywood movie, made famous in a song by the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

3. verb - The combination of the words California and fornicate to signify the despicable acts defined above. See californication.
1. Don't californicate Utah!

2. She had to californicate just to be an extra on the set for that movie.

3. They want to californicate the whole nation.
by Clint April 12, 2004
noun; A condition often observed after a man masturbates, or when a woman gropes a man's genitals, and fails to wash his/her hands sufficiently or at all afterwards. Symptoms may be less or more severe depending on the frequency and thoroughness with which the male washes his penis, and may include foul odor, damp skin, and in severe cases, the presence of semen on the sufferer's hand(s).
Even without close examination, I could tell by the smell that Tyler had contracted a severe case of dick hand.
by clint August 24, 2004
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