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n. 1.) A sandwhich in the 'High Speech', from Stephen King's Dark Tower series.
2.) A word Loran often calls Austin, means he is cute and sexy.
ex.} "i miss you, popkin"
by curtis December 25, 2003
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Old southern term for sandwich.
Bob please make me a peanut butter and jelly popkin.
by clint October 07, 2004
when a man gets head while eating a frozen treat (ex. ice cream)
Man its so hot, I could use a popkin.
by dvdsvdcbdfab July 27, 2007
To be the center of attention while 4+ men slap there cocks off your face hard leaving red marks
A adult movie - after you have shot your load getting swaffled on the face - argghhh lets popkin her face - yeh
by coroner01 November 12, 2009

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