31 definitions by Clint


n. 1) a man who guides another man's penis into a 3rd man's asshole
2) a fluffer for gay porn
The pittsnogler got the actor ready for his scene.
by clint March 26, 2005
The feeling of being actively bored, wanting to have something to do but not knowing what to do, anxious.
"Danzig is a cool band."
by Clint October 02, 2003
A show that, despite it's long history and fame, is to this day viewed only by obese homosexual stamp-collecting faggots, who at best might make love to a microwaved bagel. A popular debate topic as of now is how William Shatner ever found work or intercourse after his time on the show.
Me and my friends plan to go to my house and play Pokemon and watch Startrek- just not too late cuz my bedtime is 5:30.
by Clint March 17, 2005

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