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A store that everyone hates, yet they shop there anyways. See also McDonalds.
Admit it, you shop at Wal-mart too!
by Clinker April 26, 2008
it is the arctic coast of alaska, canada, and greenland
The north coast is the borth coast
by Clinker November 30, 2007
That is an example of an oxymoron.
Florida snow doesn't exist because it never snows in Florida.
by Clinker May 22, 2008
Someone who is both wapanese and a Republican.
I saw a wapublican walking down the street eating Pocky while saying how George W. Bush is the best president ever.
by Clinker May 01, 2008
Its part of an animal that is eaten by other animals. Humans are animals so we eat meat. If you are a vegan or a pussy PETA supporter, then don't eat meat, and shut the fuck up. If you don't shut up and bother us, we will either kick your meatless ass, or spit the meat right in your face!
Meat is good for you!
by Clinker October 29, 2007
The wrong way of spelling Politician
Politicians are people that like to dance around in their underwear.

Poloticians don't exist.
by Clinker October 18, 2007
The first alphabetic term on urban dictonary.
by Clinker May 27, 2008

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