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The city that the Browns drive through after losing to the Steelers.
While I was in Youngstown, I saw the Browns heading back to Cleveland leaving tears.
by Clinker January 25, 2008
Something people bitch about.
Pussy bitches complain about cold weather.
by Clinker December 08, 2007
When 9 people do a sexual act together.
We had 9 people at the party last night so we had a ninesome.
by Clinker May 24, 2008
Nerd City is the internet!
The internet is nerd city!
by Clinker February 24, 2008
The big middle finger
I was so pissed at this man so I gave him the big bird.
by Clinker March 07, 2008
A person in the Northern or Western United States that obsesses over Southern US culture.

Heres some qualities of a Dixiephile:
1) Someone pretends to talk with a Southern accent.
2) Only listens to music made in the South.
3) Usually eats alot of things considered to be southern food like fried chicken.
4) If someone bashes the South, then the dixiephile is offened him/herself.
by Clinker July 10, 2008
A country bumpkin that lives on a beach.
After the beach bumpkin got done swimming in the ocean, he went back to his farm to work on the field.
by Clinker March 15, 2008

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