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My grade on my economics midterm.
This is bullshit.
by Clay August 23, 2003
Hell no you idiot. A bankhead nigga is an African American from the Bankhead area of Atlanta, Georgia....Shawty!
Watch out for those Bankhead Nigga's.
by Clay May 05, 2004
Exclamation of surprise.
"Dude, you were supposed to work at 3."
"Son of a Bitch."

"Dude, what happened to the rest of the beer?"
"Son of a Bitch."
by Clay December 15, 2003
Slang term for a follower of the Jewish faith.
Will Henderson is definitely a red sea pedestrian. Watch him light the menourah.
by Clay April 30, 2003
georgia tech actually means absence of women and lack of social ability.
John: hey i go to ga tech!
Sally: ( turns around, leaves room)
by Clay January 29, 2005
Alternate term for the word "yeah".
"That movie was pretty good."
by Clay August 23, 2003
A sexual act whereby a man, having dated a woman for some time, relates that his greatest fantasy is to fuck whilst she is pressed up against a large window, such as a sliding door. When the act inevitably happens, the dude whispers in her ear that he is going to finish off in her ass. He withdraws, and at that moment, his friend, waiting in the shadows, emerges and inserts his dick into her ass. The original man then slips out a side door, walks to the front of the window, and waves at his soon-to-be ex-girlfriend. She'll wonder how the fuck you pulled that one off.
I found out that my girlfriend cheated on me, so my friend and I pulled a Siegfried and Roy on that dirty bitch!
by Clay April 29, 2003
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