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The greatest background character in underground internet history, from hacking to writing many parts of the anarchist cookbook.
"Holy shit, is that redshift?!?"
by Clay May 09, 2004
A turd longer than three feet in length.
Dude, that elephant laid the hugest ass dauful I HAVE EVER SEEN!!
by Clay February 25, 2004
where negros eat shrimp.
Im a pimp, i walk with a limp, im at pompanos eaten on shrimp. i.e. Negros such as 3-6 mafia and mike jones eat there
by clay February 13, 2005
When Angry and one is beyond words, In fact soo mad that F*ck C*nt
Licker a$$hole just wont do.
AHHHHH mom thats my new Nimbus 2000 model you just threw away!!!! BERFLICKLE!!!!!!
by Clay November 22, 2004
Someone who skills are particuarlly refined at a video game, especially Counter-Strike. Weezle is a play on Weasel .
"Wow, The Wild Weezle dominates this game"
by Clay June 07, 2004
The word "Bubble" in the Z-tense.
This spa is cold. Turn up the bizznubles.
by Clay August 23, 2003
Term. When you have no money to but presents for other people.
"Dude, I have a dollar. I'm carding it ths year."
by Clay December 15, 2003
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