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Part of the Deltron 3030 supergroup with Dan the Automater and Kid Koala. Their self-titled CD is so good it's ridiculous.
I ate some psychedelic mushrooms and listening to Deltron 3030 on headphones and it ruled.
by clamum February 18, 2004
Used to describe a strong alcoholic drink. The more stiff the drink is, the more alcohol there is in it.
Man this drink is fucking stiff. Five ounces of 5 o'clock vodka and five ounces of Kool-Aid lemonade.
by clamum February 12, 2007
A person who will take advantage and cheat in some situations.
Tom double-hits the pipe when no one is looking, that fuckin shiest.
by clamum April 05, 2004
2C-I (2,5-Dimethoxy-4-Iodophenethylamine) is a phenethylamine somewhat similar in effects to 2C-B.

The standard oral dose is between 10 and 25 mg.
I drank 20 mg of 2C-I in orange juice and tripped for a few hours. It was kickass.
by Clamum March 04, 2004
What Jim Lahey calls an alcoholic drink in Trailer Park Boys.

Lahey is known to become wasted off his ass and scheme with Randy to get Ricky and Julian kicked out of the trailer park while constantly drinking his "drinky poos."
Another drinky poo Randy bo bandy?
by clamum July 26, 2006
An adolescent male who spends a great deal of his time on the computer. His activities can include masturbation, posting on messageboards, gaming, masturbation, collecting Lindsay Lohan pics, masturbating to said pics, and not having a girlfriend.

The name comes from the probable fact that this adolescent male has acne.
You pimple farmers need to:

1.) Get outside
2.) Get laid
3.) Get a clue
by clamum June 14, 2004
Synonym for "failure at life".
You are CasioTech if you fail at life.
by clamum August 25, 2008

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