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Slang term for Tourettes Syndrome. (I would know cuz i have it)
Alex:"Hey Chris was that your rettes?"
Alex:"That movement"
by Chrisdaballer May 18, 2007
Wheen you roll up a joint with random crap in it. Cant be drugs or tobacco. You use book paper. The usual things you put in it are thyme, basil leaves or you can do it plain. Usually relexing but it can get you high depending on what you put in it. Big ones are called JointZillaaaaaaaaz!! (Best when Chinese person yells it)
"Hey Billy lets go do some hooopty! What are we going to roll it up with this time? Ummmmmm.... How about nutmeg and horse shit?"
by Chrisdaballer May 18, 2007
A derogatory name for a person with tics or Tourettes syndrome.
Man 1: Gahhhhhhh
Man 2: Stop you Stupid tic tac
by Chrisdaballer May 18, 2007
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