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An herb that goes r8 nice with casserole.
Jerry has too much thyme on his hands. But like da herb thyme.
by lycent November 12, 2007
28 12
A feisty specimen that should not be woken before noon. Other times of day she is very pleasant, however when in close contact with a girl of this name expect constant sarcasm and distraction by miscellaneous objects! Extremely intelligent especially in math.
have you seen thyme??? don't go in there!! i tried wake her up and it's not pretty!!
by fezic June 07, 2010
11 11
An awesome way to describe an any girl with snakebite piercings.
dude, is that girl thyme or what?
by duey d.s. December 26, 2009
11 12
a synonym for time
what thyme is it?
by hellogoodbye9999 October 19, 2009
6 12