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This is a viciously funny oral sex move. Whilst recieving falatio from a woman, if this woman happens to have longish hair, you sneakily tie it in a ''Sailors Knot'' behind your back so when she tries to pull away, she has no luck and chokes. Difficult but if pulled off will get you so many man points you'll never have to buy yourself a pint again! Enjoy my invention and make sure that knot is tight!
Man 1: Why should i pay for it, are you forgetting that i tied that Sailors Knot last week?
Man 2: No i didn't forget, how could i forget? Her funeral is in a week because you choked her to death you sick fuck!
Man 1: Got to admit it was good though...
Man 2: Yeah, you've got me there. Ok, i'll pay!
by ChocolateCoveredRaisin June 22, 2009
This is something you can play in the car. The driver can say it whenever he likes and without fail, the passenger must wind down his window and scream it so hard that their voice box explodes at whoever is outside. Yes, even if it's a fat chinese man. Endless fun!
Only advice is don't do it when coming up towards some red traffic lights unless you're really living on the edge!
Driver: Oh my god, look at him! Fat China, quick!
Passenger: Aw man really? He's got a swasticker tattoo...
Passenger: Argh, fiine! *winds down window* FAAATT CHINAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!
by ChocolateCoveredRaisin June 22, 2009
This is short for Hangover poo. After an enjoyable night out and a lot of drinking, the morning after your shit resembles something we'll all rather not talk about. So next time you wake up hungover at someone's house, don't say you're going for a massive steaming dump in their toilet but more politely say you're just nipping off for a HOP.
Man 1: God i'm so hungover.. Still haven't even had my HOP!
Man 2: Arhhh, i had my HOP this moring, we both know how bad they are.
Attractive Woman: What's a HOP? Please tell me! I feel left out..
Man 1 & 2: NOTHING! Don't worry about it, it's just this thing we both had/need.
Attractive Woman: Oh you guys are so mysterious! I like that in a man...
by ChocolateCoveredRaisin June 22, 2009

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