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4 definitions by Chippeli

n: an extension of hangry; a strong, overwhelming distraction by the desire to satiate one's hunger with fast food, immediately.
He's got chungry eyes, one look at his face and he can't disguise he's got the CHUNGER!

Now picture this: You & your girlfriend. Drunk. Very drunk. Ten shots and five beers. You think "tacos. Gotta have tacos, or burritos, or PB&J, or chicken fingers, or Pizza Rolls or......."

That's the chunger!
by chippeli March 16, 2011
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Levels of generosity that are excessive, quite impressive, very large, and for all intense purposes, insane.
Cassandra's flagrant display of insanerosity when donating $50 to the Polar Plunge fundraiser impressed everyone.
by Chippeli December 17, 2012
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(noun): slang for breats.
My 8th grade math teacher totally dug my chest bubbles and that's how I got an A in algebra.
by Chippeli March 22, 2011
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The opposite of avoiding. To specifically and intentionally create a situation or circumstance. To meet head on.
Kurt took the elevator 4 extra floors so he could unavoid checking out the cute redhead's ample chest.
by Chippeli December 04, 2012
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