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to continue to persue a situation that nothing is happening in.

taken from the act of whipping a horse to get it to move, even though it is dead, and aint going anywhere.
"sometimes I feel like I'm beating a dead horse"
"It's going nowhere, stop beating the dead horse"
by ChipmunkOnKetamine November 07, 2009
the creature that makes people late in a forum conversation.
"Guy1: have you heard TBS new album?
Guy2: I'm going to the pool later
Guy3: no
Guy1: latedolphin"
by ChipmunkOnKetamine June 02, 2009
when one swear word just isn't enough, and you have to stick two or more together.
"oh, tittyshit, I forgot my coursework"
"that was quite an amalgaswear"
by ChipmunkOnKetamine February 05, 2009
basically a word used when something was so f*cking awesome that you dont have words to describe it. Often accompanied with a sort of blown away face
Anu: how was Muse at Wembley?
Claudes: my god it was so fucking awesome, it was aphfgullfy!!!
by ChipmunkOnKetamine April 11, 2008
when the front (or, less often, the back) wheel of a bike is bent, and therefore looks like a pringle. Usually the result of a crash.
Mike: *crash*
Frank: Gees!! Are you okay?!
Mike: yeah, but my front wheel's all pringled..
by ChipmunkOnKetamine July 10, 2008
verb) to fuck.

to have sex hard, and violent.

noun) instant mashed potato.
I'm gonna smash you tonight

We have smash for dinner tonight.
by ChipmunkOnKetamine August 05, 2009

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