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7 definitions by CheezyPumpkinPie

A word that is a perfect filler for anything. You can use it in any context and it will fit in perfectly.
Good-Bye: "Ermferkle!"

Hello: "Ermferkle!"

Sexual refrances: "His ermferkle is so big it can hardly fit in his pants!"

by CheezyPumpkinPie March 17, 2009
A word that mixes the words: bitch and retard becoming: bitchtard.
A very stupid woman; someone who is a slut and a hoe. Usally refers to woman who makes a big sexual or flirty mistake. She steals a guy or cheats. Or it could just be a douchebag way of a describing an air head.
Ah! That bitchtard stole my boyfriend.

Damn! That bitchtard was cheating on me with her cousin!

She's a crazy bitchtard if she thinks I'm gonna just forgive her after that!

by CheezyPumpkinPie April 13, 2009
A person who used to want to be someone else but just never fully suceeded.
Oh look at that woman over there she is such a has been wanna be!
by CheezyPumpkinPie March 15, 2009
Cult refers to a very specific organization that is groups together general peoples by a great force. Usually occurs in high school and may strike some perverted middle schoolers.
Some type of tradition must be set that creates a very conspiracy-like setting.
We had a powow at Nancy's house yesterday, I think we may be a Cult.
by CheezyPumpkinPie April 13, 2009
When a group of bisexuals get together and snog each other. They use tongues, lips, and just about everything else
It's usually at a public area ex. park, bar…
The snogging usually happen a very large amount of alcohol or weed has been used.
Communal Snogging can also be followed by high sex.
We're going to the park; bring some pot and whoever you want.

We're going to play a mean game of communal Tonsil Hockey.

Hey, I heard that Tracy is a bisexual and she throws Communal Snogging Parties at her house.
by CheezyPumpkinPie April 30, 2009
A comment used a flirtation tool to back up a statment. Also used to gain status among members of the opposite sex.
"Oh god he had an average of fifty witty comments per converstion, shit now i'm getting horny."

"Witty Comments are so sexy!"

"Oh that is so witty"
by CheezyPumpkinPie March 17, 2009
GBT refers to the size of a bitchy girls boob. Hence they are so small they could be golf balls. The word can also describe the following:
GBT otherwise known as Golf Ball Tits refer to a young and wide spread group of slutty woman who cannot yet even think of having children. Yet they dress like they are hookers and do not act much better. They are adolescent wanna-bee sexkittens with no boobs. They usually steal the crown from the more eligible Queen Bee. People look at them as vessels of beauty when really they are prostitots. It usually effects 6th-8th graders yet some sad examples can be found among 9th graders.
I feel so outed the GBTs are so much prettier than me!

Psh are you kidding, your double Ds can burn theirs any day.

AH! Them GBT are so tacky with their Abercrombie and Bitch clothes!

Oh damn! Look at that GBT's boobs, nothing there! Tragic and look at all those guys swarming around them? Are they blind?
by CheezyPumpkinPie April 13, 2009