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Combination of the term bitch, which means someone who complains, yells, and is always in a bad mood, and retard, which means someone who consistently does incredibly stupid things.

Definition: A whiny and bitchy person who is constantly acting like a retard.
Jessica Simpson
by Conk April 20, 2004
A combination of bitch and retard. Best if said matter-of factly with emphasis on the tard.
Nick, get your bitch-tarded ass out of my way
by kung fu guru May 04, 2005
A word that mixes the words: bitch and retard becoming: bitchtard.
A very stupid woman; someone who is a slut and a hoe. Usally refers to woman who makes a big sexual or flirty mistake. She steals a guy or cheats. Or it could just be a douchebag way of a describing an air head.
Ah! That bitchtard stole my boyfriend.

Damn! That bitchtard was cheating on me with her cousin!

She's a crazy bitchtard if she thinks I'm gonna just forgive her after that!

by CheezyPumpkinPie April 13, 2009
A female child born out of wedlock, without parents being married!!
If a male son that is born out of wedlock is a bastard then a female child is a bitchtard.

Sharon is a bitchtard.
by 3c3o May 14, 2011
Someone who complains a lot about really stupid things; a combination of "bitch" and "retard."
What a bitchtard! She won't shut up!!!
by the bitchtardinous one March 26, 2004
a cabal laughed at on the campus of bard college. they characterized by their malicious and dense temperaments.
oh no watch out, here come those bitch tards with shanks in hand
by sugar ray leonard August 19, 2007
1) A person who is physical and mentally incompetent of keeping up with "common sense" by acting like he is 5 yrs old but in reality is much, much older. He may not know he is acting this way, but clearly the people around him do.

2) A female dog without a father. The father presumably being shot down during Vietnam.

3) A half bitch, half bastard creation.
''Listen here you incompetent bitchtard, start acting your age or you'll be feeling the full force of my boot entering your fucking skull''
by Snakeeyez187 November 28, 2002
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