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Can be used in the place of "fa sho," as in to agree with another, or to give props to somebody for some tight shit
You heard I got that job at Nike?
That's wassup
by Cheezie October 14, 2004
Any bucket you put rims (and/or beat) on so that the value of the accessories are more than that of the vehicle. It's a Bay thang.
"Stuntin in them scrapers with the drop top...HYPHY"
by Cheezie October 13, 2004
Can be used instead of "are you serious?" usually when somebody does or says something stupid. Sometimes the person's name is added to the end: "for real Meeka?" Also accompanied by the "for real?" face characterized by the slight head tilt along with the lips scrunched and to the side
"I'm the tightest nigga to ever walk this earth"
"For real player?"
by Cheezie October 13, 2004
To get moded, told so bad that there's nothing you can say in your defense, be put in your place, or be embarassed like when you trip and someone sees you.
"Why'd I for real trip down the stairs the other day? I was SO clownt"
by Cheezie October 13, 2004
When you just got turned out, fucked real good, had the best sex ever
Girl I went to James' last night and got DID
by Cheezie October 14, 2004
Anyone who hates on another's happiness, success, car, or just plain pimp status. It IS possible to hate on something that's busted...adequacy isn't important
"Your car is busted homie"
"I'm in the process of workin that out, don't hate"
by Cheezie October 13, 2004
When you got hella ass
"Aye that guy (or girl) over there got DUKE"
by Cheezie October 14, 2004
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