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Any sort or kind of beer
hand me that super juice, man
by Champagne September 18, 2006
The female discription of making a "sissy" gun noise.
Guy's discription: gadagadagada! Girls discription: peow peow peow!
by Champagne December 06, 2003
A loud and abrupt sound in anticipation for extreme doings. Use can be found in Beverly Hills Ninja.
Dirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrp!! Ahhhh! I burned myself!
by Champagne December 06, 2003
The state of mind one wil be in when almost baked and starts to become tired.
Dude, on that last hit i was totally kneet right before i keeled over into dreamland
by Champagne November 15, 2005
The pysical being of Hooman.
Dude dont be a pansie!
by Champagne December 06, 2003
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