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Being greatly racist when no one would believe you racist.
Man, that guy is so irracistable! I can't believe it!
by Chabin Pacli November 17, 2010
1. a shimmering, wavering glimmer 2. small starlike glitter 3. an attractive, exciting, often superficial, light
1. to shine with a bright, shimmering, reflected light 2. to fluoresce faintly with a wavering light

Often used in poetry.
n. The stars were no more than faraway glinters in the night sky.

v. The faraway stars glintered faintly.
by Chabin Pacli November 14, 2010
A person, usually older, has a quobbel when they have a twitch, usually in their face.
The quobbel in his face jerked as it always did when he was agitated.
by Chabin Pacli November 14, 2010
"Shwoop" is an onomatopoeic word that demonstrates someone or something moving through the air, or sometimes water, as in into a rather large chasm. "Shwoop" can be used to demonstrate any kind of liquid friction.
"Shwoop" can be also used as an exclamatory term, accompanied by "eh" at the beginning. It makes a very nice substitute for a swear.
And SHWOOP! She was sucked into the abyss!
by Chabin Pacli November 14, 2010
1. slang term for a candidate, as in election 2. competitor, as in sporting events
1. to vy, or jockey, for position, as in leadership 2. to compete

1. to have a brusque, blunt, careless nature
n. That jackle just might have a chance at winning
v. The three men jackled for the head job.
adj. The jackle man brushed past his inferiors as he made his way to work.
by Chabin Pacli November 14, 2010
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