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Another form of a douchebag. Someone who is such a douchebag that they literally take it to another level.
"Can you believe that Billy stole his Grandma's life savings to support his heavy addiction to Dunkaroo's? You can't get them in the States anymore so he ordered like 15,000 boxes from Canada. What a Doucherson."
by Cease February 11, 2013
a city in Massachusetts which is has some ok areas but on the whole can still be pretty horrifying. Predominantly white, but has a growing asian population in the northern section of the city. Home of 2 former U.S. presidents and the birthplace of Dunkin Donuts. Thats about all the city can boast. Great place for druggies, pimps, and hos to use and be abused. A very frightful town to be in after night, and one is advised to stay away by most means. However if your into trashiness and cheap drugs by all means it's your Vegas.
Dude 1: I just got fired from Dunkin, life sux.
Dude 2: Let's get some yayo and find a coupla fights to get into
Dude 1: I feel better already bro.
Dude 3: Sweet, my sister's baby's dad is holdin some serious OC's in Georgetown, ill make the call.

Dude 1: I met this broad @ a party in Q-town last nite
Dude 2: Did you nail her?
Dude 1: She held out for a bit, but after a few lines of the good stuff, it was all good
Dude 2: Yeah gotta love those Quincy hos.
by cease November 08, 2006

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