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Dude that looks like butt-rocker Ted Nugent - really long hair and maniacal expression.
That dude's a nuge, he looks like he's right off the cover of Cat Scratch Fever.
by Casewhacka July 15, 2004
72 45
Blowing your nose into some whore's vag.
I totally gave her the nuge last night. Yeah, that's how she gets off.
by thepolytheist May 29, 2005
80 61
a person, usually extremely republican, who backs down from physical altercation and also dislikes Ted Nugent
Sam- Chris why don't you fight me sometime?
Chris- No, I do not prefer physical altercation.
Sam- Ya NUGE! BBEEEIIIRRWWWW!!! (guitar sound effect)
by Viperman69 October 15, 2012
15 2
A maniac rockstar from the 70's named ted nugent that screwed about a ten thousand chicks but never did any drugs. Now hes a manic conservative talk show host who hunts elk with arrows that have dynomite tied to them as seen in the opening credits of the dukes of hazard T.V. show .
"Dont f**k with the nuge!"
by OurManFlint August 27, 2005
37 34
A person who thinks they can get any girl in the world. And thinks that they are all that.
"She doesnt like you. Youre such a Nuge"
by Does it matter?? July 08, 2012
5 3
Ted Nugent
"Yo, did some crazy shit go down at that party last night?"

"I don't really remember dude, you were going mad hard when I passed out."

"Okay. I was just wondering, cause I woke up with a pocket full of girl's panties..."

"MY NUGE!!!!"
by NugeCrew December 04, 2011
2 2
term for very good marijuana derived from the term nuggets/nug and the popular rockstar ted nugent (who actually never engaged in smoking marijuana)
Rick i thoroughly enjoyed smoking bongloads of nuge with you before the concert last night.
by Bobby Stein. August 10, 2008
14 15