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6 definitions by CartoonChess

Marketing buzzword only rumoured to imply the combining of forces for greater productivity and mutual understanding.
Marketer: "And thus, we implement grade-A synergy."
Executive: "What the hell?"
Marketer: "Just think of it as 'pro-active' and 'think inside the circle'."
Other Marketer: "What the hell?"
by CartoonChess June 04, 2004
348 117
Guano mines as a source of nitrate, producing 84% of the world's supply of fertilizer, a $1.4 billion industry.
Guano. Hello. Does "poo" ring a bell?
by CartoonChess July 22, 2004
65 24
(n.) An essay consisting almost solely of attributions. Arises out of having plenty of proof for little or no thesis.
I haven't got a chance on this paper. It's a quote soup of the worst kind, with a quotation in every single sentence.
by CartoonChess April 08, 2009
8 1
The act of placing your hands outstretch from either side of your head and making a peace sign that bends up and down within the fingers while using a corporate buzzword.
Sarcastic Employee: "Well, that's very AIR QUOTE LEFT pro-active AIR QUOTE RIGHT of you."
Ubiquitous Marketer: "See synergy."
by CartoonChess June 04, 2004
17 12
Demonstrate (something) to be untrue, especially if considered uncertain; falsify.
The Dude: "Why me, man?"
Brandt: "He believes the culprits might be the very people who, uh, soiled your rug, and you are in a unique position to confirm or disconfirm that suspicion."
by CartoonChess August 22, 2008
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The third element of BBNR, falling between Basketball and Rubber.
You see, a nebelwerfer is made mainly of metal.
by CartoonChess July 27, 2007
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